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Caring About Real People Everyday

Our Mission

Our mission is to create opportunities that encourage people to step outside of their comfort zone, reach for their dreams, accept themselves, spread compassion, and step away from judgment. While creating a happier and healthier daily life for themselves and others.


We exist to create opportunities, encourage connections, and strengthen communities. When people connect they care. When people care they begin to make decisions with the needs of others in mind. Our initiatives foster a sense of caring within communities between individuals and locally owned and operated businesses.

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Carpe Amore

Carpe Amore is an initiative that provides opportunities for friends, lovers, soul-mates, friendly strangers, or whoever to connect, meet, and experience what life has to offer, together. Whether attending an outdoor event, dancing at a nightclub, or hanging at the beach, you never know where the next Carpe Amore event will be that you must attend.

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